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Rémi, in charge of the Escola Gostoso’s kite surf department. Holding a professional licence in both sailing and kite surfing, he’s been practising for 10 years.

After he created the kite surf department in the famous nautical club “Les Portes en Ré”, this Breton guy (west coast of France) established himself in Sao Miguel 4 years ago.

His energy and good mood are appreciated by everyone.
Naldinho, instructor.

Native from Sao Miguel and experienced Kite-Surfer, Naldinho will adapt himself to fit beginners and advanced needs as well.
Always available, he will be happy to share with you his mother country’s knowledge.
Pierric, instructor.

Native from France, Pierric works as our instructor during all summer season. He has lots of experience with kitesurf and has the ability to teach in french, english and also portuguese.
Marquinho, instructor.

Native from São Miguel do Gostoso, he is a legend in town. Familiar with the sport since he was just a kid, he has the capacity of teaching in italian, french and portuguese. Our youngest instructor with tones of experience will be glad to teach you his passion!
Léo, instructor.

Native from São Miguel do Gostoso and recently included in Escola Gostoso's Staff. He has lots of Kite experience and theaches in Portuguese, always welcoming you with a pleasent smile!
Organisation Kitesurf
Start, improvement, training and location, the school provides all kind of combinations.

Here is the programme for a typical beginner‘s training:
Session 1:
> Theory – Understanding the goals, the process, and the lingo needed to communicate. Use of special tools to explain complicated principles.

> Setting up the Equipment – How to handle the kite and lines from set-up to launch.

> Pre-Flight Check – All the tips you will need to never forget to check everything before launch.

> Assisted Launches – Learn to launch with an assistant and the role of both the pilot and the assistant.

> Kite Control – Proper methods of using the control bar and steering the kite.
Session 2:
> Power Intake – Once kite control is established you will learn exact kite placement to either create power or reduce power. Complete understanding of the wind window.

> Use of all safety systems.

> Solo Launching of the kite and extremely good edge handling.

> Dry water starts. Performing the water start on land under powered to see the steps and build muscle memory.
Session 3:
> Water relaunching the kite. When the kite crashes in the water, learn how to deal with different situations to get the kite back airborne.

> Body Surfing/Dragging – Execute the motions you would with a board, but use only your body. Visualize how the wind window shifts as your body moves and learn to go across the wind window with your body.

> Water Start – Put it all together to get up on the board.
Session 4:
> Solo Kitesurfing with instructors assistance A skill must be totally mastered before moving on to the next level. These are the steps used at Escola Gostoso. Once you have fully mastered one step you will advance to the next level. Everyone learns at different speeds and it may be necessary to extend your lesson to achieve the goals that you have for yourself.

> All lessons are one by one.

> A radio will be used in all classes, so that you have full contact with your instructor.

> Self rescue and exits will be practiced. The goal is self-sufficiency for you, new kiteboarder.

> We use the best gear in the market so you can be full secure while practicing the sport.

> ADVANCED LESSONS can also be given.